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Virtual Camera

Version 2.51 (02/12/2012)    [This is only included in the new at the bottom of the page]
Fixed bug on 64 bit version that stopped .dat file from being loaded or saved.
Fixed bug where NP TrackIR 64 bit DLL was not being loaded, this is Windows only.

See the VirtualCameraVersionHistory.txt file below for version history.


Plugin Description

This is a plugin that I have been working on for a while that allows various camera views to be set up.

Using the camera with our SDK is very straight forward.
The SDK part accounts for less that 5% of the work.
What takes the time and effort is camera management and the math that is required.

This plugin supports all the camera types and also the other aircraft can be viewed as well.
You can have 20 cameras and the state of these can be saved.
The plugin will also work in replay mode.

It uses a control widget that allows you to select the type of camera.
You can also position the camera in the, x, y,  z and zoom.
The attitude of the camera in the Pitch, Roll and Heading can also be controlled. (I am still working on this as it is not right)
All of these can be in steps of one or continuous slewing depending on the check box selection.
You can automatically cycle through the 20 cameras with whatever delay you have set.

It is still under development as I have quite a few things still ticking over in my head that I want to add.
Scroll down the page to seem some pics and movies.
The interface has changed since these movies were taken.

Mac Downloads.

On Safari and some browsers they may append .txt to the end of the file.
Just rename the file so that it is removed.
e.g. VirtualCamera.ini.txt to  VirtualCamera.ini

Quick Start Guide     (Please read this before using the plugin)
I am updating the pdf files and will upload these when they are ready.

VirtualCameraPluginQuickStartGuide.pdf   (139 KB)

VirtualCameraPluginUserGuide.pdf   (157 KB)

Example .INI file     (See the user guide for usage instructions)


Definitions Use in a VirtualCameraExample.INI file


Example file to show new mode introduced in v1.10
Copy to the Piper PA-46-310P aircraft directory and then rename to VirtualCamera.ini
Start the camera and you will be placed inside the aircraft.
Stop the camera and you will be returned to cockpit front view mode.



32 and 64 Bit

The zip file below contains a FAT plugin that has the 32 and 64 bit plugins for Windows, OS X, and Linux
Unzip the archive so that there is a VirtualCamera folder under the plugins folder.
Remember to remove any old versions of the plugin.



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